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Our solo and small firm (under 5 attorney firms) clients benefit from our hands-on approach to helping them solve day-to-day management problems and manage projects. In an effort to manage overall costs – most services are performed remotely and off-site using telephone, e-mail, and online collaboration tools. Services include:

Management and Profitability Audits
Review and analysis of your current law firm practices to assess your current performance and profitability and provide best practice recommendations designed to improve the firm’s productivity, profitability, long term viability and competitiveness. Questionnaires, phone interviews, and financial reviews are used in the audit. Deliverables include a written report and a phone presentation.

·         Financial
Includes review of financial controls, trust accounting procedures and requirements. Also a review of accounting procedures including billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow issues, and meaningful financial reporting. We also review payroll procedures including compliance with all necessary reporting requirements. 

·         Operations
Review of office operations and procedures including docketing, conflict checking, work flow and overall office efficiency. 

·         Facilities

Review of office environment. What is the image projected by the office when people call or visit – receptionist, overall office layout? We can also assist in the evaluation of office equipment purchases including furniture, copiers, mail equipment, and computer equipment.

·         Risk Management and Disaster Planning
Review and assessment of areas needing improvement to prevent accidents, mistakes, or even malpractice which could impact future operations. We can also review insurance coverage’s and make recommendations.

Technology Selection and Implementation
These services including evaluating automation needs, providing input on various hardware and software solutions, assisting in equipment, software selection, and implementation.

Staff and HR Issues
These services include screening candidates for employment, providing input on how to deal with problem employees, employee incentives, fringe benefits, and all other personnel related issues. We can also provide skill development training on a variety of accounting, financial, management and other topics.

Our marketing services are specifically designed for firms that don’t have an in-house marketing staff and need to outsource the marketing function. Services include:

1.      Conduct Client Satisfaction Interviews, Surveys, and Market Research

2.      Marketing Program Design and Development for Firms, Practice Groups and Individual Attorneys

3.      Marketing Plans

4.      Marketing Staffing/Infrastructure/Tools

5.      Write Marketing Materials

6.      Business Identity Plans

7.      Graphics Design & Web Design and Layout

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PMG is the growing leader in excellence in preparation and organization to assist clients with their path to success.  We help you reach your goals and attain your milestones that contribute to your bottom-line.  Together we can exceed your expectations and provide value to your business, organization, or personal assets.


PMG is passionate about working with people by offering the advice and development you need to succeed while doing the right thing in tough times.