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Immediate, massively-experienced, and personalized

help for you and your biz, laser-focused on solving

everything that's holding up profits, ruining your

passion, or keeping you and your business from

moving confidently to the next level of wealth and happiness.


Plus:  Get a FREE private consultation with me
(worth $2,500) just for joining


There’s Just ONE 
Mastermind Peer Group That 
Specializes in Solving Specific Problems
 in Your Business and that
 can Triple Your Revenue and Increase
 your Quality of Clients


Maine Prince, here …

If you're finally ready to kick your business and career up a few levels (where the money is staggering and the lifestyle options will blow your mind)...

... then it's time to consider joining a good mastermind peer group.

As a member of a strong mastermind group, you'll learn...  from people who have been there done that and can help you succeed…

... proven ways to generate more leads and sales, and... just as important...

... proven way to save yourself from wasting months... maybe years... of time and money inventing and implementing marketing funnels and business plans that just will never work as well as you hope.

Learn Business From Business Owners

Mastermind groups are peer-to-peer education.  Successful small business owners sharing their winning and losing ideas with other small business owners.

This style of real-world, interactive training is ideal for...

... battle-tested veterans seeking fresh input.  (Every market niche in the world continues to change faster than ever before), and...

... anyone early in their entrepreneurial career, brimming with questions and challenges.

YOU CAN’T DO IT YOURSELF…Put the tools down and Get Help!

Most entrepreneurs try to become successful all on their lonesome, barely tolerating any kind of help at all.

It's in our make-up, I guess. Bold independent rebels, all of us. Growling at the universe and daring fate to mess with our plans.

However... over my 17+ years in the business of professional services in marketing/business management/public relations... I know from deep experience that the SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs in the game all enjoy massive amounts of outside help. Just like a sports team has a position coach for each position.  You should have a business coach for each department or project that you initiate.

They gave up the "go it alone" thing the moment they saw how FAST profits can come once you seek expert input (and put it to use).

I’ve been blessed to learn from the best in the world of business and in sports.  From the presidential candidate Donald Trump, to business/sports billionaire Earvin “Magic” Johnson, to media billionaire Ed Snider – most importantly for you – a teacher of everything necessary to make professional services company efforts bring home the BIG BUCKS.

After taking some time off to raise my 2 beautiful boys and doing some freelance business consulting for BIG Four Accounting Firms, Legal Firms, and consulting … I can get back to work and offer the advice I’ve learned over the years from celebrities and brilliant minds that have worked for them and can work for you…but to do this … there’s more than one way to skin a cat… with a Mastermind Peer Group.

It’s a small group (all members must pass a vetting process) dedicated to giving vast personalized attention to each member’s specific problems and questions.

How is this Mastermind Peer Group Different?

There are many mastermind groups out there.  I've been the Special Guest Expert at many of them.  Invited to demonstrate my unique ability to quickly perform Marketing Makeovers.

I find most of those groups to be heavy on theory...

... and painfully lacking when it comes time to deliver specific advice that members can put to use.

Look... casual networking with business owners and celebrities is great... but being introduced to someone does not make them a member of your posse. Knowing your name for a few minutes does not motivate successful business owners to share their best ideas or help you with your business.

These other mastermind groups left me hungry for a chance to dive deep into solving business problems...

… to create profitable, yet realistic and workable plans...

… instead of just shucking and jiving... tossing out a bunch of theory... without leaving anyone with specific steps to implement before the next meeting.

We Dedicate Time To You... At Every Meeting

In my mastermind peer group...  at every meeting... every member gets the floor in presentation (usually about 20-minutes) as the center of attention, with the entire group focused ONLY on your situation.

We bring every field-tested tactic, every secret piece of inside info, and every brilliant thought (from both inside and outside the box) to bear on one simple goal -> Fixing Whatever Is Holding You Back.

During your sessions, we'll deconstruct both the big and the painstaking-small problems now screwing with your goals (or sucking the life from your business)...

... figure out all the options (both good and bad)...

... and make specific recommendations on what to do to SOLVE everything.

And solve it on your terms. In a way that fits your style, your cash and staffing situation, your position among the competitors in your niche...

... and especially your preference for either short or long-term solutions.

We show you:

·         How to fix the immediate problems causing you pain...

·         How to fine-tune the weak parts of your current quarterly business plan so you're completely clear on what to do NEXT...

·         Where to find better resources, tech help, networking possibilities, and the best tactics known to the group, plus...

·         How to shake off the bad parts of being an entrepreneur in professional services, so you can get busy enjoying quality time with your family, the fame, wealth and happiness you deserve.

It’s a tall order, yes, I get it.  But what is the alternative to staying in the same rut, being “RE”-active and waiting for clients to come or waiting for money to be deposited into your bank account.  I wish it was that easy. Actually, if you are at that point, please let me know and I will share my bank account number with you and you can deposit your excess into my bank.  Or, maybe not.  Maybe it’s better to get back to improving your business from the inside out. 

Because in this group you’ll work with and learn from people who will:

·         Help you find your core business problems,

·         Bring every shred of personal experience and professional savvy to brainstorm better ideas, and

·         Come up with practical, solid, result-getting options.

Don't forget... you'll be interacting with everyone the entire time.  You'll be asking questions and taking notes on who and what to follow-up with, ensuring you're 100% clear on your next moves.

It's this hands-on approach... dedicated to finding real solutions that WORK in the real world... that you can put into action immediately upon getting back to your office... that sets this mastermind peer group far apart from the others.

It's mind-blowing how much you will accomplish when you know exactly what your NEXT STEP is going to be...

... because your new ideas are actually cemented inside of a PLAN.

The Miracle of The Mastermind Peer Group

Your personal session will produce fresh opportunities you've been ignoring (or never knew existed) along with brilliant NEW strategies for moving your business ahead by leaps and bounds.

But that's not the miracle...

The miracle is this … time-after-time … year after year...

... that their HUGE ideas were sparked while listening and contributing to someone else's time in the spotlight.

We call this unexpected deluge of good ideas during other member's sessions the "Mastermind Blueprint", because it's hard to understand just how fired up and full of energy and ideas you will be during... and AFTER each meeting.

You'll also be amazed how much fun it is... and how much you learn about your own business... when you are helping your fellow members during their sessions.

You're going to astonish yourself with the amount of sharing and insights you can contribute. (No one is ever forced to participate, of course... but it's such a friendly and casually-intense meeting, that everyone instantly feels welcome to chime in.)

You'll see that the group bonds quickly, forming very tight friendships. You'll be very welcome here, your life can easily be transformed into something awesome once you allow the Mastermind Blueprint to work its magic.

Who The Heck is Maine Prince?

Did you really stop reading to Google me?  I’m used to that.  Maybe we met at a conference that I spoke on about Marketing?  Or Maybe you’ve heard me speak as a national spokesperson for Monster Worldwide (that’s Monster.com for those that don’t know who is the parent company)?  Yes, we can be LinkedIn Connections if you’d like since many are curious on building an online network as well as a business card network.

But let me give you the abridged version of my own career:

I’m originally from Chicago, IL…from the West Side – The Best Side.  Yes, the home of two of the most powerful financial gurus in the world, Suze Orman (creator of the TV Show “Money Talks”) and Christopher Darden (yes, the guy that inspired the true story movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”).  Then my mother moved our family to Cumberland, MD just northwest of Baltimore, MD over the border since she was an administrator at Chicago Title & Trust Company and now a Dean of a College.  But my future was playing football and basketball at Penn State University and eventually participating in training camps with four (4) different NFL Teams in 3 years along with a year stint with Barcelona Dragons in NFL Europe. 

I wanted to put to use my double major (Sports Law & Sports Management) and double minor (Legal Environment of Business and Exercise & Sports Science).  Because Jerry Maguire was my favorite movie back in 1995… but even though I did a year of law school classes… I decided to try business first.  So I began my stint as the Marketing Director for The Testor Corporation in the mid 1990’s, thanks to John Jersild the plant manager back then who was a huge Bears Fan.  The Fortune 100 Company that amassed $100,000,000 as the #1 Branded Hobby-model manufacturer in the world.  Then along with building a non-profit business, Rockford YMCA, into a $500M profit on a sports and education platform, I was proud to work in the business of serving others and building a strong marketing campaign.

Eventually coming back to the east coast, thanks to my godson who said he missed me, so I moved to Philadelphia.  Along with running a successful sports training facility that started with a 13,000 square foot facility with only 50 athletes per month…after implementing a marketing campaign settled in grassroots – face-to-face marketing, we were able to open a 45,000 square foot facility 18-months later due to having 500 athletes per month that loved the customer friendly atmosphere focused on their future and how to get there.  Then essentially, getting a speed coaching gig with the Philadelphia Eagles players, client/friend Brian Westbrook, RB, Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame Inductee 2015, whom I've known since his last days at Villanova and special thanks to a client/friend, Eric McCoo, (who was a kid that I also helped recruit to come to Penn State – geesh how time flies or I'm just getting old), but that turned into over a dozen players within 8-weeks and then the most of the team for the next 9 years. 

And along the way, Ed Snider, owner of Comcast, inquired to me about opening one of his locations of Summit Sports Training Center, which was a huge success in Cherry Hill, NJ. But, as many of you know Ed is a philanthropic and huge hockey aficionado, which accompanies his ownership of the Philadelphia Flyers (and back then owner of the Philadelphia Sixers), he also was a great businessman and I learned a lot from him and we taught each other.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  One of our more prominent issues that we went back and forth about was a treadmill… yes, a treadmill.  Not just any treadmill though.  You see he brought me into rejuvenate the ground based programs, since the anaerobic activity that his staff was teaching was on the treadmill.  Again, the treadmill was not the problem.  The treadmill was a Frappier Acceleration Treadmill that could go 22 miles per hour with over a 15% incline.  Oh, and by the way, it could be used for the Flyers hockey team since you can wear regular ice skates on it.  Yet, still not the problem.  As you may be able to tell by now (since I’m sure you’ve walked/run on a treadmill), that it could only hold one person at a time!  So even with training the Philadelphia Flyers or student-athletes in ice hockey programs… there were limitations to how many could be in one class that would actually benefit from the use of that style training program.  But yet… that still wasn’t the problem.  Ready for the real problem with the training program and the treadmill?  There was a $20,000 per month royalty on each treadmill that we hosted in each of the three locations, that had 2 ground based treadmills and 2 ice hockey treadmills.  So there goes a guaranteed $240,000 per month without cause if there was 5 people using it per day or 2 people using it per day.  Which is where Maine Prince and his business savvy came in.

My job was to increase the sales revenue and re-write the sports training protocols, staffing, legal partnerships, and of course increase the marketing campaign to maximize the revenue opportunities for the ground based program to cover the costs of the new facility and the expense of the equipment, which included the treadmills.  Through qualitative initiatives with grassroots marketing and new customer service methods, and relationship marketing, we did just as we set our goals to by tripling the monthly revenue that covered the costs of the treadmill, five full-time staff members, and the high-risk insurance working with professional athletes.

Which led me to one of my clients, Marc Jackson, 10-year NBA Veteran; NCAA Atlantic 10 Player of the Year; and All-American Basketball at Roman Catholic High School.  After one of our training sessions, he says to me, “Maine, you’ve been starting all this companies for everyone else – why don’t you do it for yourself?”  And my response was, “My pockets aren’t as deep as yours… I don’t have $5M to start a sports training facility.”  To which he replied, “Man, call Tank (his business manager), and let’s figure something out.”  And therein lies the start of Philadelphia Sports Training Center.  Even though we partnered our 80,000 square foot facility in Aston, PA, we were blessed to have Ron Jaworski, owner of the Philadelphia Soul build an arena inside one of the domes for his team’s practice facility…and the new home of the Philadelphia Wings Professional Men’s Lacrosse Team as a long-term tenant.  After 10-great years running the business, Governor Ed Rendell assisted with our land & property owner Real Estate Mogul Attorney Jeff Rotwit in the sale that was “unofficially” over $1 Billion to be now a movie studio called Sun Center Studios that has hosted movies such as Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper; After Earth with Will Smith and his son Jaden; The Shooter with Mark Wahlberg; and this year with the finishing of CREED… yes another Sylvester Stallone Rocky installation.  Anyway, point is I got to work with some good businessmen and women and we had a good run.

All in all…along the way, I’ve been tutored, mentored, shown and told what to do by some of the greatest minds in business and in sports.  From Donald Trump to Magic Johnson – to Christopher Darden and Michael Jordan.  But what I’ve been able to learn from them and apply to mentor others and give the same type of advice that has helped them through their mentors.  And sitting in on those Mastermind Groups were…well… they were breathtaking.  I don’t get start struck easy, but being in a room with Warren Buffet, Jay-Z, Bill Gates, Russell Simons, David Tepper, and Robert Johnson…it was more than I could ask for than to learn from the people at the top in their industry.

But more importantly, I wanted to spend time with my children.  I have 2 beautiful boys, now ages 8 & 5 ... and if you are a father, you know how demanding children can be and my children's mother was dealing with other issues that needed to be addressed and since we could afford the opportunity for me to stay home and take care of everyone, that's what I did.  As a business owner, you know - it could only last for so long - then I had to get back to doing something that I love and that's helping business owners like you.  Thus, creating this Mastermind Peer Group as a full circle from where I began and now giving back to you and others to help you maximize your business opportunities of growth and ability to have more quality family time.

But enough about me…let’s get to the 
details of this Mastermind Peer Group:

You can join at any time if we have an open slot.  (We’ll let you know if we’re accepting new members of if there’s a waiting list once you apply.)

Membership is for a year!  You can start with any meeting, so there’s no reason to put this off.  We’re forming a group right now as we speak with interviews throughout the month of October to have our first informational meeting in November and getting ready to start fielding concepts and strategies in December with the first of the year starting fresh for January 2018.  Yes, that means you'll be getting an extra 2-months of free peer group evaluation to help you plan for the first quarter of the new year.

The monthly meetings will be the first Wednesday of the first full week of the month.  This way we can start addressing success and challenges early.  But I know that you will see the exceptional value being a Mastermind Peer Group member since membership will prove to be a very profitable investment.

The cost for your membership is only $7,000 for the year.  Which includes a one-time $1,000 initial registration deposit*.  (We do offer a payment plan which makes membership manageable for an entrepreneur’s cash flow.)  Keep in mind that our Mastermind Peer Group GUARANTEE is that you will triple your investment within the first year or I will refund your deposit.  (There are some guidelines to follow though)

Bonus If You Decide To Join Us Today

As soon as we’ve setup your membership and told you all you need to know about our Inaugural Meeting in January and you attend the informational meeting in December 2015…

My assistant will schedule a full 1-hour consulting session at your place of business.

These consulting sessions go for $500 if you’re not a member.

We take on only 1-2 new consulting clients per month… but as a Mastermind Peer Group Member, your consulting call cuts the front of the line.

This exploratory consultation will give you an introduction to our problem solving methods …

... leave you with up to 3 specific things you can start working on before your first meeting, and...

... make sure you're ready to hit the ground running at your first mastermind meeting.

This is a screaming bonus. (And we're not sure for how long we'll offer this bonus "Jump Start" consulting session to new members.)

Extra Bonus Membership Benefit

We'll also set you up in our private Mastermind Peer Group Online Chat Group.

This group makes it easy to connect with members, or myself between meetings.

This way you'll never have to wait until the next face-to-face meeting to double-check your progress, get copy reviewed, or float new ideas.

Extra Extra Bonus Membership Benefit

Once you complete your Mastermind Peer Group application, you will automatically receive a FREE eBook on 57 Ways to Grow Your Business.  This will be a jump start to give you some ides on how you can grow your business.  Ideas you may have not know or just a few to get moving in the right planning direction for 2018 Q1.

This is for you just for completing the application.

One More Membership Benefit

Each meeting will have a continental breakfast and lunch provided.

 All you need to bring is your:
business homework, energy, fresh ideas, and a positive attitude.  Keep in mind that EVERYONE will be speaking about your business at t he least and you should consider pitching in your ideas and best advice based on given information to support your fellow members.

Are You Ready To Join Us?
Here's How...

If you think being sequestered in a nice large room monthly with the likes of me and a small group of other highly-experienced entrepreneurs...

... all dedicated to watching your back and sharing every shred of info, insight, advice and experience we have with you...

... then you need to find out if this is the group you should be in.

There Is No Risk And No Cost to 
Find Out If This Group Is For You...

The process is easy...

Step #1: Fill out the questionnaire below right now, while all of this is on your mind.

It would be a shame to miss out on joining this group because you got distracted and put it off. We do keep the group small -- that's the only way we can give so much time to each member at every meeting.

And don't worry...  we keep all your information completely confidential (as we do in the meetings, too).

Step #2: When you're done filling out the questionnaire, hit the Submit Button.

I will personally review it. We'll decide quickly if you're a good fit for the group and if we believe the Mastermind Peer Group will be a profitable investment for you.  Before you pay any money.

Step #3: If we think you and the Mastermind Peer Group are a good fit, we'll email you to schedule a time, and you'll get on the phone in the next few days.

This first call is all about helping you decide if this group is a good fit for all of us.

It's not a sales call. It is a 2-way conversation to make sure we agree this is a good match.

We'll answer all your questions and share the details on upcoming meetings (like the dates and location).

This can be a short call. However, we'll stay on until you're satisfied you're ready to sign up, or move on. There is no obligation on your part until you have decided to become a paying member.

IMPORTANT: The second call is where we get to work on your business. That one happens soon after you sign up.

If you're still not sure my 
Mastermind Peer Group is for you...

If you still doubt that small business owners just like you have found their path to greater business success paved by joining a mastermind group...

Please take a moment to check out some of the testimonials on this page.

They all come from people just like you...

People who believed in themselves and their business...

And who then made a commitment to ensure their success...

By joining the Mastermind Peer Group.

Again: There is no commitment and no obligation at this point. We're simply starting the process to see if you and we are a good fit.

I look forward to working with you... thanks

“Starting my networking business a few years prior with minimal results.  Technology plus marketing plus figuring out which way to go was chaotic and frustrating.  After meeting with Maine Prince and going through his Peer Consulting, I was able to maintain a focus for the new marketing strategy and implement a few systems I overlooked.  I more than covered my investment and consultation service with Maine and PMG.  Just with the one event that we did together, we increased our revenue 315% which was way more than I ever expected.  His strategies were spot on and made sense.  The investment into the partnership was a great jump start that my business needed.  I would highly recommend Maine Prince for your business consulting needs and as the facilitator for his new mastermind group.  Good luck to in your future endeavors with Prince Management Group.” 
– Becky Chalson; President & Founder, Full Circle Networking


“Our company was in business for over 15 years as a BIG Four Accounting Firm.  After the mergers from BIG Eight and the demise of Arthur Anderson in 2008 from the Enron scandal, I was permitted to seek outside consultants.  Business Analyst have tunnel vision, and I needed something fresh and outside the box.  Working with Maine Prince helped to streamline our marketing campaign and initiate community awareness in the industry with seminars/workshops and a major conference which Prince spearheaded.  His work ethic and attention to detail offered an approach that would have not noticed with internal executives.  Glad to pick his brain on various projects for our marketing team.” 
– Jeff Kahn; Tax Attorney, Grant Thornton Account Firm


“I’ve had a great opportunity to be the CEO of a sports performance training center as well as the owner of the Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia Sixers and by far, I’ve realized that business is like sports in that it’s competitive and requires a team environment.  When I was first introduced to Maine Prince through one of my administration team members, I was highly skeptical, since I hadn’t heard of him before.  Then someone reminded me that I hardly know any of the millions of customers that have purchased my products with Comcast but yet being open minded would give me an alternative perspective.  After consulting with Prince on community engagement through the new facility I had him open and implement marketing strategies I insisted that my staff duplicate the same grass roots process and it for sure has significantly raised our revenue with the initiatives set forth and enhanced our brand that created more customer loyalty with the referral system.  I’d recommend Prince to anyone and think it’s good that he’s forming a mastermind group to help others.”
- Ed Snider; Chairman, Comcast Corporation

“I first met Maine in our mastermind group in Chicago, IL and could tell that he was intense and driven.  Learning about his company gave me an idea that we could help each other.  I was in my 3rd year of my law firm and was looking to do more legal marketing, but hadn’t the time to learn about the new trends and how to implement marketing strategies that would be profitable.  After Maine and I met a few times, his idea for the Event Marketing Campaign not only brought in  triple the revenue from my previous years, but it also increased our prospects analysis through the public relations and community engagement.  I think it’s a natural progression for him to start his own mastermind group.  Good luck to anyone joining, and remember why you should, because more eyes and minds on your projects will give you the insight to the pro’s and cons for the best decision to use the ideas the group offers.”
- Josh Wright, esquire; Masterplan Group Advisors


Mastermind Peer Group Application


You just need to set the process in motion by filling out this application:


First Name *


Last Name *


Primary Email *


Daytime Phone Number * 
This is the number we'll use to reach you for 
your Q&A call before you commit to joining.


Cell Phone *


Best time to Call *
What's generally a good time for us to call you? Please include your time zone. We're open to calling day or night, weekdays or weekends. Easier for us if we know when you're likely going to be able to take our call.


What’s the name / URL of your business? *
If you have a few, please list your primary businesses. If you run out of room here, you can add more details below.


What market or industry are you in? *


In the past 12-months, what was the gross revenue of your business(es)? *
If you have more than one biz, please give us the approximate gross revenue of all of them. If you're still holding down a job while you build up your business, please do not include any salary you were paid. We need to know where you stand as an entrepreneur right now. This is confidential information.


Tell us about you and your business. * 
Use this space to give us some background on you and your business. 

Also, let us know why you're a good candidate for this mastermind group.    

What should we know about you and your business that will make it an obvious call for us to invite you to join this mastermind group?

**Must be 100 - 500 words**


What do you want to get out of this group? *
In just a few sentences, please tell us what you want to get out of this group

What are your business and personal objectives for the next 12+ months?

How do you see this group helping you reach them?

**Must be 100 - 500 words**


OPTIONAL: Is there someone who can vouch for you? Maybe someone we might know? (It's fine if you don't have anyone, but this would obviously help us learn more about you quickly.

Name Company Phone Email

Referrals for Group Members

Name Company Phone Email

Once you click the submit button, you will receive a special bonus!  An eBook on
57 Ways How to Grow Your Business ...which will give you some quick ideas.

By clicking the submit button, you acknowledge that you understand that the cost for joining this Mastermind Peer Group is stated above and that paying your membership fee WILL NOT put any stress on your financial situation and that you are financially stable as a company and an individual to participate in such a Mastermind Peer Group.  Furthermore, you acknowledge that "IF" you are selected to join the Mastermind Peer Group, that you will participate 100% with positive enthusiasm and constructive verbal contributions.

And that’s all for now…

Just press the submit button and you’re done.

Expect an email from us within a few days.  We’re highly motivated for you to join this Mastermind Peer Group.

Talk to you soon,

Maine Prince

The testimonials on this page are to the best of my ability to determine that all information ins true and accurate.  They were provided willingly without any compensation offered in return.  These testimonials do not represent typical or average results.  Most clients do not contact me or offer to share their results, nor are they required or expected to do so.  Therefore, I have no way to determine what typical or average results have been.  Many people do not implement anything I teach them.  I can't make anyone follow my advice, and I obviously can't promise that my advice, as interpreted and implemented by everyone is going to achieve for everyone the kinds of results it's helped the folds on this page achieve.  The income statements and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results.  Each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, passion, marketing background, product, effort, motivation and willingness to implement that has been demonstrated in the Mastermind Peer Group meetings.  There is NO GUARANTEE you will duplicate the results stated here.  You recognize that any business endeavor has an inherent risk for loss of capital.
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